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1. You started Deborah Lyons in 2017 after working within the luxury fashion industry for a number of years. What made you want to have your own label?

Launching the label was very much through the impetus of my business partner Kamelia. She had bought and sold pieces from me in the past and we both felt there was a gap in the market for versatile and timeless tailoring.

2. Your designs are empowering but also have a strong sense of femininity. How do you want people to feel when they're wearing your clothes? 

Essentially powerful and feminine but we like to leave room for our women to define our pieces as much as our pieces may define their mood. It’s really important to feel comfortable and uninhibited whatever you’re wearing.

3. Is there a particular woman you’re designing for? 

We are super fortunate in that we have an incredible community of trailblazing women leading the way. These women have been the inspiration behind everything we do.

10 Questions With Deborah Lyons - British Women's Fashion Designer

4. There are some really stunning silhouettes within your collection. You have a bold point of view with pieces that are beautifully crafted and made to last. How important is it to you to create designs that are high quality and that will stand the test of time?

It’s actually the ethos behind all we do and one of the key reasons we decided to produce everything in London. We are highly involved with every stage of development and are able to capitalise on the local heritage of tailoring and craftsmanship.

5. There is a romantic yet rebellious spirit that comes across in your collections. Where does this come from? 

I’ve always had a rebellious side and often to my own detriment like to test the limits and expectations of others. I’m a dreamer and a helpless romantic so I think both these elements play back to my personality somewhat. That said they are both decidedly British traits. 

6. Your collections feature some beautiful tailoring. Your hometown of London has a rich history when it comes to tailoring. How has this inspired you? 

London is the heartland of tailoring so it felt very natural. Having grown up there you get so used to seeing a well cut suit or beautifully draped jacket it’s almost something you take for granted.

Behind-The-Scenes Deborah Lyons Women's Spring Summer 2020 Show

7. What else inspires you?

Drawing, painting, music, travel, galleries, museums, the macabre.

8. Sustainability and transparency continue to be hot topics, with more and more people starting to ask questions about where their clothes are made and who is making them. How important are these issues to you both as a consumer and fashion designer? 

Critical both as a consumer and a designer. We went into this with a determination to work forwards rather than backwards as a brand from everything from fabric sourcing, our workforce, and our packaging. We source as many materials in the UK as possible, we work with certified organic and sustainable mills, and require full traceability from all our suppliers. We are a plastic free business. But we are constantly adapting and looking for ways to do things better and ultimately reach a point of carbon negativity.

9. Tell us something people don’t know about you? 

I’m half Georgian and a quarter Canadian.

10. What are you most excited about for the future?

I’m really excited about growing the brand, incorporating new products, collaborations, and all sorts of crazy ideas I’m harbouring. Also to partnering with charitable causes such as Shoebox UK and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.