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Home is… Notting Hill. I love that it’s always buzzy and has so many cute little restaurants, boutiques, and little vintage and antique stores. Plus it's a 15 minute walk to Hyde Park which is my favourite route to everywhere.  

Antiques in Notting Hill: Photo by Leonardo Urselli


Where do you go to relax?

Ideally to the beach, but as that’s a far-flung hope, it’s usually to a gallery, to see a band play, or often just hanging out at home with the dog.  

Barbican by Benn McGuinness

Your favourite brunch spot is… North Audley Canteen usually has something to suit all moods. Another place I really like is Granger but it has to be out of hours because of the queues. Fortunately, I’m a very early riser.  

Best place for cocktails?

I’ve recently reintroduced tequila into my life and Bodega Negra is always fun. I love Laylow in Notting Hill too, which has a great community vibe.  

Open for Cocktails: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

“I’m generally inclined to be a hermit but the best inspiration also comes from being out and about, paying attention to the weird and the revolting. ”

Deborah Lyons

Favourite London discovery?

Apparently there are seven noses on various buildings around Soho. I’ve seen a couple of them but haven’t yet taken the time to find them all. I love these sorts of little obscurities, London is layered with stories and history.  

On a Sunday you’ll find me… at Pilates and avoiding people where possible. although I’ll break from tradition for time with my closest friends.  

If I’m in need of inspiration, I head to… Libraries and museums. I’m generally inclined to be a hermit but the best inspiration comes from being out and about, paying attention to the weird and the revolting.  

Tate Britian: Photo by Miguel-Sousa

First thing I do when I get back to London from a trip abroad is… retrieve and walk my dog and then have a long hot shower. I love travelling but spend the first 30 minutes on a plane cleaning the area around me and eyeballing anyone who coughs.  

If I need a coffee hit I head to… I actually weaned myself off coffee with matcha and then pretty much off both but I drink a huge amount of tea and try to make that at home to save on take-out cups and plastic. I make an exception for coffee when I’m in Paris though, which is good everywhere and I couldn’t get by without it.  

For a girls night, we go to… Most of my best friends, like me, like to eat. Our most recent girls night was a pasta feast at Bancone and recently I went to Folie’s in Soho with a few friends, which was great.  

Afternoon Tea. Photo by Sebastian-Coman

What do you love most about living in London? The amount of parks and green spaces. I think that’s what I missed most when I lived in New York. London has an amazing balance of trees to city. We're very lucky with the incredible galleries and exhibitions we have here too. Also the tea... I could forgo all other meals for a proper afternoon tea.