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We caught up with Deborah Lyons over a virtual and perfectly brewed cup of tea, accompanied by the sweet sounds of our DL playlist (more on that a bit later), to discuss lockdown style.

Topics included, the loungewear vs. getting dressed up debate, what to wear when you want to look like you’ve made an effort but don’t want to appear like you’ve tried too hard, and what’s going to happen when you’re allowed out out?

 Deborah Lyons Designer

Deborah Lyons

How has your lockdown style evolved?

I think that at first it was a complete reversion to sweatpants, maybe with the addition of a fancy shirt if I had to Zoom. As the weeks went on I upped my workout regime which led to endless legging days and occasionally the Saskia trousers if the moment felt special. Now the weather is so beautiful it’s nice to start to wear dresses again, but it’s still got to be easy and feel good. The Audley dress and Emma dress have usurped the stretch and become my most recent staples. 

Deborah Lyons Audley Dress

Deborah Lyons Audley Dress

“First impressions mean a lot, although conversely the way you dress should enhance your confidence not overwhelm it.”

Deborah Lyons

Deborah Lyons Emma Dress

Deborah Lyons Emma Dress 

Where do you sit on the loungewear Vs. getting dressed up debate? 

You can make both work but I think it’s important that you get up and meet the day the way you want it to develop. We are launching our first loungewear “smoking” pyjamas this week (follow us on Instagram for a first look), but they’re still pieces you could easily style up and wear out.

If you want to look professional on a work video call without appearing like you’re trying too hard, what do you wear?

Probably the same sort of thing I’d wear if I were meeting them in real life. First impressions mean a lot, although conversely the way you dress should enhance your confidence not overwhelm it. 

Deborah Lyons Bianca Dress

Deborah Lyons Bianca Dress

The day comes… lockdown is over and you’re heading out out. Where do you go, who are you seeing and what pieces are you pulling out of your wardrobe?

Such a dream that will be :) The Bianca dress and the Alaska jumpsuit with a nice deep tan from somewhere other than here. Long dinners with my best friends, seeing my grandma, brothers, nieces and nephews. Endless days in the park, harassing the team in the factory... the list is endless. It’s crazy when you stop to think about how much we took for granted.

If in doubt… Wear a suit

Deborah Lyons Willow Blazer

Deborah Lyons Willow Blazer

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Deborah Lyons Songs To Distance To 2020

Deborah Lyons Songs to Distance To 2020

Science has shown how music can enhance individual and community health and help synchronise our body and our brain. With that in mind and also because we love to share we’ve put together this little playlist for you with some songs we love old and new.