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These last few weeks have been the most unifying and the most challenging we have ever known with Covid-19 keeping us apart but also becoming a driving force for bringing us all together. While the most important thing is that we stay home and safe, we wanted to share a few ways that might make it a little easier. With that in mind we Zoom’d with our friends Olivia Inge and Zoe Stirling to get their 7 tips on how to keep a healthy body and mind during lockdown.

Olivia Inge - Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Model

Olivia Inge - Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Model

1. Deepak Chopra’s 21 days of meditation. He has 2x 21day programmes, one on Abundance, and one on Hope in uncertain times.

2. Therapie's immune supporting essential oil infused bath oil is ESSENTIAL for your bath time. It smells so good you won’t want to leave your bath until the water is cold and your skin is as wrinkled as a Californian raisin.

THERAPIE Protect bath and body oil

3. I have also been using this comfort warming rub to rub on my husband and daughter’s chest to keep the airways and lungs open. It’s like a Vicks but natural and infused with Reiki love (as are all Therapie products).

Herbal Tea

4. Don’t eat raw food (unless its fruit - but even then keep it at room temperature). You need to keep your internal organs warm and moistened, especially the Lungs. Drink loads of herbal teas.

5. Qi Gong to strengthen the Lung. Do this breathing exercise every day - incorporate it into your regime.


6. Turn your phone onto airplane mode before you go to sleep (if your phone usually ends up next to your bed). And take heed of your phone’s advice (it’s in the small print) and keep your phone an inch away from your body. Become an EMF (electromagnetic field) superhero by following these instructions.

“Become an EMF (electromagnetic field) superhero.”

Olivia Inge

7. When this is all over, come and book in for some acupuncture with me to help re-set your systems. Acupuncture is about preventative care, balance what you have so you can withstand whatever life throws at you.

Zoe Stirling - Nutritional Therapist & Co Founder of Squirrel

Zoe Stirling - Nutritional Therapist & Co Founder of SQUIRREL

1. This isn’t rocket science and you’ve heard it before but fresh juice, ginger and a little Manuka honey in warm water is great to soothe the throat. Like Olivia said, it’s essential to keep foods and drinks warm as much as possible. Thyme tea or thyme infusion is also supposed to be good for the respiratory system.

2. Look out all those recipes you never get time to cook or take some inspiration from your favourite books and bloggers. Involve the family where you can. Cooking is sociable if done together or if alone it can be very therapeutic. And of course enjoy the results of your culinary projects!


3. Try diffusing oils around the house doTERRA do two wonderful blends, one called Breathe and one called On Guard and we’ve been using them constantly around the house.

doTerra Breathe

Diffuse Essential Oils

4. This is a great time to learn a new skill or start that project you’ve had on the back burner, even if it’s just to make your first TikTok video with your family 🤣. Use the time to do/discover something you love that we never seem to get round to ordinarily. We may never get this again in our life times, what a wonderful opportunity.

“Connect with people - we’re pack animals by nature!”

Zoe Stirling

5. Order a big puzzle - I can vouch for this, it’s a great form of mindfulness! You can do it in the evenings rather than getting stuck in front of the TV.

Jigsaw Puzzle

6. Connect with people - we’re pack animals by nature! I’ve actually found that people are enjoying reaching out and connecting through so many platforms, we’re incredibly fortunate to have that technology. Just make sure you balance it out with some phone/media free time too.


7. And sleep/rest.... most people are always complaining they’re so tired, now’s the chance to really get into a good routine and prioritise shut eye. That means don’t get stuck in front of the Netflix until the early hours of the morning each night!

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